Sneak Peak: The First Trillionaire”

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He left her office after five minutes, and before he could move out of that floor of the Freeland Enclave in Westminster, the hullabaloo in the street outside and Olivia’s lack of confrontation inside began to gnaw at him. Something was different. On his way out, he tried to listen to the herds of reporters who had gathered to pick up some breaking news. He had earlier ignored these reporters, cameraman and photographers on his way into the building. As he scanned the picture before him, he identified a number of media people from India among them as well. His curiosity was further piqued.

His ears caught the words being spoken into a mike by a beautiful Indian reporter in front, “…the only heir, lost or unclaimed or unfound? The story and mystery surrounding the shocking claim made by the empress herself is unwrapping slowly until we get more official statements. Don’t miss our fresh updates, keep watching THE DAILY BUZZ,” and with a smile, she continued “this is Rashmi Singh reporting for News Daily with cameraman Manish Pathak from Westminster, London.” There was furious energy and the reporters were all angling to catch a scoop.

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