E-mbarrased-A short story

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She was that little slut on the prairie, who used to be always perturbed at the thought of the cockroach and couldn’t hold virgin tears.

It used to roll down.

Few more drops for the fault in her star!

She needed an immediate change of mind.


Nice App

No more a dating tool?? Just a bold expression. Of course, living in sin with Instagram.

Her blue tick syndrome became live and online.

After swiping left more than twenty pics, she came across a mind frickin! narration, which just blown her mind.

“Cockroach milk is ten times nutritious than cow milk”

Word up kids? She wanted to lick his brain.

First time in her life, she found a dude, who was all good in the hood.

Instantly, she dreamt and baked his arm candy, ignoring the much annoyance of post-dinner chemical dreaming of cockroach alpha strike in her cozy suite like well-furnished one BHK.

 Her asshole fever further escalated to welcome her gipsy guest! Farting crotch-roach no more looked like poverty beetle.

Is this cacaroach?

She needed help instantly!

Her tinder gold membership instantly coaxed her to put a super-like and subsequent follow on Insta! Which read “Fear is stupid, so are regrets”

She revamped her Insta by loading her wealthy selfies.

His definition on Haley propelled her to land on the FB page of the roach butthead.

DP was a male silhouette with write ups

“Better oops! Then what if?

She had made her choice by now.

She really wanted to mess up with him.

There was no way she was going to get off from his FB.

Her virtual friendship was still unestablished.

She started with few likes on FB and Insta!


 Her cyber cry was unheard.

Part curiosity, part disturbance had evolved into more fascination.

FB posts were simultaneously linked through Tumblr with Twitter.

Putting DM for asking a contact number on FB Messenger, she started trying twitter handle.

His tweeter threads had embedded messages.

Two messages dropped in her messenger.


What you want?

Loved your tinder narrate, she replied.

I was quite afraid of cockroach particularly in my dream, but I started loving them Cock-man

I am not Cock Man?


You roach butthead.

ELI5- he replied.

I like you.

Oh yeah!

I saw your selfies, I loved them too!

Where are you?


I am alone in my one BHK at Lodha-Vista

JVLR Dear!

Near Powai Plaza


Come fast

Drop your address


Good, in twenty minutes.

She went on daydreaming of his hug.

Door was open

 A shadow entered


Bit cuddled

After full excitement she says

Did I tell you to cum fast?

She yelled!

Where is your crank?

I am not cock-man, but arranged one for you

Hey its dildo

You are a girl.

A bitch slap on the face of the guest created cognizable distort

But she face palmed herself as it was such a headdesk which will never let her recoup.

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